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Frank Sidebottom to showcase SXSW Albuquerque?

A cute story for the weekend? Why not!

The New Mexican city is set to stand in for Austin (reports The Guardian) in the latest film from Lenny Abrahmson. Documenting the life of an eccentric musician (inspired by Frank Sidebottom, Captain Beefheart, and Daniel Johnston) who never removes his large full head mask to perform.

And the section of the film at SXSW? Who knows, maybe Austin was too rich for the film-makers, or they couldn’t get a room during SXSW Music!

This month, Abrahamson begins shooting another comedy: Frank, his most ambitious project yet. Set partly at the SXSW festival (with Albuquerque standing in for Austin), it will star Michael Fassbender as an enigmatic, agoraphobic musician who rarely emerges from beneath his giant fake head. That detail is inspired by the eccentric Mancunian performer Frank Sidebottom – the film is co-written by the Guardian’s Jon Ronson, a former member of Sidebottom’s band – but Abrahamson insists the character stands in for all music’s outsiders.

So today’s weekend poser – which Austin institution is going to be [poorly] replicated on the shores of the Rio Grande and not the Town Lake?

And if you’ve never experienced the majesty, here’s some Frank!

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