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Don’t forget your event may need permits, and they have deadlines

If you’re looking to put on an event at SXSW, you do need to be aware of the permits and options available to you. Jan Buchholz has a good recap of the points you’ll need address over on the Austin Business Journal. A few points from the article…

  • The city deadline for temporary use without sound is 10 days in advance of the event.
  • A temporary sound event must be submitted 21 days in advance of the event, unless it’s for multiple days and then it must be submitted 30 days in advance.
  • In 2011, the city issued 69 temporary use permits. In 2012, there were 96 TUPs and that number is expected to increase this year.

Hopefully you;ve got your event under control, if not, you’d better hurry up… Interactive starts in 46 days!

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