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Details on the Music Wristbands for SXSW 2013

The much sought after ‘wristbands’ for SXSW Music are now on sale. As before, the wristbands are not a substitute ticket for people coming to Austin for the music, or an alternative to a music badge. They are intended for the residents of Austin to thank them for hosting the hordes in their city.

So, the usual conditions apply – you’ll need to pay by credit card (and this year all advance sales are going to be made online), the card used must be associated with a billing address that has an Austin zip code, and wristbands are limited to two per customer… one specifically for the credit card holder, and a second for a named person (who must be nominated as you buy the wristband).

The wristband costs $159 inc. sales tax, and once purchased can be picked up at the Austin Convention Center… where they’ll be clipped on to you immediately.

As for using them, there is an order as to how this works. When you reach a venue and want to go in during SXSW Music, the priority order is…

  • Platinum Badge Holders.
  • Music Badge Holders.
  • Wristband wearers.
  • General admission (if available, cover charges may apply)

All the rules, regulations, and payment details are at wristbands.sxsw.com.

4 Responses to “Details on the Music Wristbands for SXSW 2013”

  1. Ireenea says:

    Are the wristbands for Music events only, or for film showings as well?

  2. Ddw5280 says:

    I’m unexpectedly out of town.  Can I sell or transfer my wristband to another ATX resident?  Are there any alternatives?  Thanks Denise ddw5280@gmail.com