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UPDATED: Closure will Impact SXSW Film


We just heard from SXSW FIlm that they will be using all 4 screens at the Violet Crown Cinema and the new Topfer Screen at the Zack Scott Theater, this combined with a few less films will make up for the lack of the Alamo South Lamar AND improve movement between the theaters. Nicely handled SXSW Film-geeks!
For those who have been to SXSW Film in prior years brace yourselves.

Alamo South Lamar is closed (temporarily).

For the KUT.org

The Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar will shut down in January as part of the demolition and redevelopment of the South Lamar Plaza Shopping Center. A deal to tear down the strip mall and build a mixed-use development is ready to begin. Many of the stores at the strip mall have been there for decades and will now have to move elsewhere.

The Drafthouse and its karaoke bar, The Highball, will reopen, but only after closing for much of 2013 to undergo extensive renovations, including adding three screens and expanding the lobby area. The Alamo South Lamar will close Jan. 3, 2013,and re-open late next year. The Highball will close in November 2012.

This will definitely impact SXSW Film, which uses three of the Alamo South Lamar’s six screens for the festival. Even with the recent addition of the State Theater and the Violet Crown Cinema to the venue list, they will be cut short.

The most likely outcome (our opinion only) will be that SXSW Film will move any screenings meant for the South Lamar location to the Alamo Drafthouse – Slaughter Lane, another 9 miles further south of downtown.

If this is the case, best to plan on a longer shuttle ride between remote screenings, or better yet, try to plan screenings to stay in South Austin for the day to make the most of the trip down there instead of shuttling back and forth.

Other options do exist, including non-Alamo theaters. We’ll have to sit on our hands and wait though until SXSW announces their schedules. One final note, the Highball, the karaoke bar next to the Alamo South Lamar has been closed as well, so there will be some parties looking for a new venue as well.

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