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Clear your diary, you’ll need to schedule time to go through the SXSW schedule

Yes, the big grid is here, the slots have been decided for the Interactive sessions, panels, talks, and events. All you need to do is read through them all, add them to your personal schedule, and see how many of them clash with each other (even though the 3pm-4pm slot every day is always empty in your diary).

As SXSW Interactive post the schedule, it;s time for the great jigsaw game to begin, just fifty-one days before it all starts. If all you;re going to is Interactive, the planning can begin now… If you;re Gold or Platinum you can start, but you might need to change around this to get in a final screening or a solitary showcase.

Film and Music schedules, both for showcase/screenings and sessions aren’t in the system yet, we’re expecting them in February. For everyone else… sxsw.com/schedule.

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