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Another Friday deadline approaches as SXSW gets a little more expensive

A quick heads up to everyone who’s not yet purchased their badge for SXSW 2013… the current discount level is going to end at midnight, Austin time, this Friday (strictly speaking, 23:59 on Friday January 11th).

thru Sept 21 thru Nov 9 thru Jan 11 thru Feb 8 Walk up
$1350 $1450 $1595
$1095 $1195 $1350
Music $695 $750 $795
Film $550 $595 $650
Interactive $895 $995 $1150

Also worth noting that the SXSW Housing Desk is showing no availability of rooms from Friday 8th through Monday 11th. You might want to make sure you have accommodation sorted out before you plan on attending Interactive, because if you were hoping to get a SXSW hotel after buying the badge… you’re a bit late.

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