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Visas, ETSAs, and other associated paperwork

Today’s quick note, before we start on some more detailed hints and tips to prepare for SXSW in the New Year, is to check your paperwork for the trip to Austin if you’re travelling from outside the Fifty States.

Many of you will be travelling from countries who are part of the Visa Waiver Program with the US Government, in which case you do not need to arrange a visa before you travel (but you must submit a request for an ESTA before you depart, which you can do online). There are some exceptions where you will need to apply for a visa instead of travelling on the waiver – one of the obvious ones is if you are showcasing at SXSW you will need a visa.

Take a few minutes and check what you need to travel into the US. You’ve still got enough time (if you;re quick) to take care of a visa application, and it would be a shame to be turned away at the border!

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