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With the first bands announced, it’s time for Operation Every Band

The first list of bands and performers selected to showcase at SXSW Music has been announced by the SXSW team, and while The Baby team have spotted a few gems already (notably Ezra Furman and Jenn Grant along with, for  an unfathomable reason, Charlotte Church) we’re more excited for the return of Kevin McStravick’s herculean Operation Every Band.

Kevin’s rules are simple:

Every artist gets a two-track minimum.  Even you, John Mayer.  If we like what we hear, we’ll keep going.  In the spreadsheet, we’ll put three words or phrases best describing the qualities of what we’re hearing.  Lastly, the reviewer will give a totally subjective rating based on one criterion – how much would I want to see this artist at SXSW?  The scale is “tough” in order to keep a sense of comparison, so keep in mind that anything about a “4” is something we genuinely enjoyed.

For every artist at a “7” or above, we’ll provide a full write-up and a recent video to get a real taste…  This site purposely extenuates the positive; there’s no point in rambling on about things we don’t like.

You can follow along at www.operationeveryband.com and hopefully we’ll have the highlights of the bands here on The Baby!

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