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SXSW Gaming Expo- Get Your Game On!

If you thought you weren’t going to get a good fix of gaming while you were at SXSW in 2013, think again and check out SXSW Gaming Expo. Bringing video games and other fixtures of pop culture like comics, toys and cosplay to Austin. Just in case that wasn’t cool enough, it is free and open to the public.

The expo is scheduled to be hosted at the Palmer Events Center, running from March 8-10. The first day it starts at 3pm and runs until 9pm then Saturday and Sunday it runs from noon to 9pm. There will be pro gaming tournaments and panels of course, and don’t forget the parties.  (Including a happy hour hosted by  comiXology Saturday March 10th, from 6-7pm followed at 7-10pm with the SXSW Gaming Party hosted by VGVN .)

We will continue to bring you updates about the schedule for this event as they are announced.

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