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When you don’t make the cut for SXSW, who do you blame?

After the panel announcements, there are some disappointed people out there, including “Cameron Von Awzzomsaws”, who has sent a letter out to his friends on his failure to be accepted.

I’m not sure what was unclear about any of this, but the message apparently didn’t get through. I found out today that “Letting Go: Growing Your Brand in an Open-Source, Consumer-Created, Multivalent Marketing Biome” didn’t make the cut. This, despite my constant exhortations that you vote for it. To say that I’m frustrated, or miffed even, is an understatement.

I am going apeshit.

If that initial message were all I sent, then maybe you’d be forgiven for not doing what I asked you to do. You might have gotten distracted by a cancer diagnosis or by the death of a loved one. It’s entirely plausible that a major event in your life might have prevented you from navigating to the Panel Picker page and to click that little thumbs-up button and do your small and not-very-time-consuming part to help send me and my bizdev director, Brad (who can pull, BTW), to Austin.

Expertly reposted by Matthew Creamer on AdAge, the letter is a fantastic satirical broadside at, well, everybody and the fjords. We need more from Von Awzzomsaws. Perhaps we should offer him a column here on The Baby?

The full letter? Here it is!

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