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Buy your badge now!!! | Interactive: March 11-15, 2016 | Film: March 11-19, 2016 | Music: 15-20, 2016 | Austin Weather

It’s the last day to get to the lowest rate on your SXSW badge!

A quick heads up for all of the readers of The Baby! who may not have got the email blast from SXSW… today is the last day you can pick up your SXSW 2013 badges for the lowest rate. After midnight tonight (Austin time) everything moves up a price band.

You’ll still be picking up a discount compared to the walk-up prices, but individual event badges go up by around $50, while the Gold and Platinum badges get another $100 added to the price.

If you haven’t yet got your badge (really? And you’re a Baby! reader? Unless you’re waiting for some sort of grant to come through to cover the trip, who are you?) then head over to¬†sxsw.com/attend, and we’ll see you in March.

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