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First SXSW Interactive Keynote: Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal

South by Southwest Interactive has announced it’s first Keynote speaker for 2013, and it’s Matthew Inman, the artist and behind the comedy website known as The Oatmeal.

From the Southby site:

Inman championed two successful crowdfunding campaigns in 2012, including “Operation BearLove Good. Cancer Bad” where he turned a lawsuit on its head by raising over $200,000 for charity instead of paying $20,000 in damages to a rival website. In addition, he generated over $1M in 9 days to try to buy the laboratory formerly owned by Nikola Tesla, a turn-of-the-century engineer who many consider a geek hero. Matthew lives in Seattle and really, really likes Sriracha rooster sauce.

While the exact day and time of the Keynote has yet to be announced, one can be assured it will be well attended.

We at the Baby! will be sure to catch this one! You can also follow Inman on Twitter @Oatmeal, we do!

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