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SXSW Trade Show and the gdgt Event

Walking through the SXSW Trade show we noticed quite a few interesting booths:

  • We were exciting to see Space Camp there. While not usual for a SXSW event, you have to admit it gets the space geek in you excited. We were!
  • Beautecam, an app specifically designed to determine skin type and tone, was there. They were also handing out tiny zoom lenses that attach to your phones camera to allow the app to work. Clever idea and way out of the norm for SXSW.
  • Otterbox had a very visible booth, and drew a large crowd to play their version of “Plink-O” where the winners won an OtterBox phone case.
  • We were happy to see several booths take our advice and offer items that had staying power; bandannas, mini Sharpies on lanyards, notebooks, and a new item we’ve not seen at SXSW before: headphone cord keepers.

We also checked out a tech event over at the Austin Music Hall; gdgt. This event was like the techie ubergeeks Trade Show! With companies like Seagate, SanDisk, LogiTech Boxee, and Roku displaying their cutting edge tech products! Is was really like a mni CES! The gdgt Live show is touring the country, check out the website for info!

One of the most interesting booths there was the Simple.TV booth.

Simply.TV has a device that allows you to record onto it’s $149 DVR from any broadcast or basic cable service and have it available to view remotely if you choose. The feature that got our attention was the ability to add your own external storage, including networked storage! Having the ability to add your own external hard drive to the setup eliminates the problem of diminishing space on your DVR!

It was a great event, and more like what we’d like to see in the future at the Trade Show, cause who doesn’t like gadgets?


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