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SXSW Film: Best of the Fest

This years slate of films at SXSW was great, but we wanted to take time to point out our favorites and recommend that you see these films if it’s the last thing you ever do. Seriously, they’re that good.

Italy Love it or Leave it
Indie Game: The Movie
Rock and Roll Exposed: The Photography of Bob Gruen
Beauty is Embarrassing
Iron Sky
Brooklyn Castle

We saw a lot of other films, all of them excellent, but these are the cream of the crop (that we saw).

We can’t wait for next years films, and more importantly, we can’t wait for these films to be seen outside the festival circuit. Some, like Brooklyn Castle have important messages, others like Beauty is Embarrassing offer insight into what defines us as human beings.

Thanks to all the folks at SXSW Film who worked so hard to bring us an incredible festival!

One Response to “SXSW Film: Best of the Fest”

  1. guest says:

    Do you recommend any good websites where we will be able to rent/watch many of these films in the future?