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8 Things That SXSW Interactive Taught Nate Hideman

CNBC writer Nate Hideman is back from Austin, and has sat down to think about what he learned from South by Southwest, and has eight concrete takeaways from the event. For example:

It’s often said that the real action at SXSW doesn’t take place at the panels or the keynotes, but in the surrounding cafes and bars where entrepreneurs and investors do deals over a breakfast taco or a shot of tequila. For most attendees, the sit-downs, dinners and parties are more important than the event’s programming because of the business relationships they foster. “One relationship can move the needle $100,000,” said Neil Blumenthal, the CEO and founder of the eyeglasses company Warby Parker, as the clock struck midnight at a Beachmint party. “That’s why I’m not at home right now.”

You can read the full list on CNBC. How many of these did you manage, or have they missed something obvious?

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