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SXSW Film Lineup Announced!

The SXSW Film Screenings Lineup is now live!

With 65 World Premieres, 27 North American and 10 U.S. Premieres among 130 features, there are plenty of opportunities to discover emerging and developing filmmakers, as well as catch up with new work from more established names – all of which feature risk takers both in front of and behind the camera.

The Midnighters feature section and the Short Film program will be announced on February 8.

I reviewing all of this with Larry Richman, he noticed that there is no “Lone Star States” section, and that the previous “Spotlight Premieres” has been split into “Narrative Spotlights” and “Documentary Spotlights”

While you are perusing the list, we here at the Baby! will be working up our list of “must see” films and keeping an eye open for announcements from SXSW regarding the Film Venues and publishing of the Film Grid.

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