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Have SixSaw got the app to shout Bingo! in Austin?

Normally the “which app is going to win SXSW” is going to try and make a lot of noise at interactive, but from what we can see here at The Baby! SixSaw isn’t going to go live until Music starts – which gives it a different audience to the Silicon valley on Holiday crowd, and a competitive field with far less products and services pushing to get onto Southby’ers handsets.

So watch out for SixSaw, which mixes up the smartphone’s ability to capture memories and moments, with a competitive bingo style game, all tied into a community of players challenging each other and watching their relative scores move around.

A quick and easy idea to play, and one that could go down well with the Austin crowds. Why they’re waiting till after Interactive I’m not sure but if it’s a considered move, it’s certainly a ballsy one.

SixSaw really really mean it when they say the name is about the six things you saw to win the game.. S (i) XS (a) W is probably a co-incidence.

Sign up www.sixsaw.com

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