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Now we know who’ll make up the British Invasion of Interactive

The annual expedition by some of the most exciting British tech companies to SXSW Interactive, through the UKTI and Chinwag, has announced the 34 companies that will be heading to Austin to both exhibit their technology and skill, but also make contacts and find partners in the American market.

The full list can be found at Chinwag, but three that caught our eye here at The Baby! include…

AMEE (www.amee.com)
AMEE’s mission is to aggregate and automate access to the world’s energy and environmental information in order to drive measureable change to a low-carbon economy.

Net Communities (www.netcommunities.com)
Net Communities specialise in representing innovative US Media Companies in the UK in order to bring a wider reach and range of marketing solutions to UK and European Brand Marketeers.

PlayMob (www.playmob.com)
PlayMob are enabling charities to fundraise through games through their core technology, GiverBoard. GiverBoard provides a social and fun experience to fundraising via games and allows game players to keep a history of all the good they do just by playing games. GiverBoard is multi-platform and has already raised thousands of dollars for good causes globally.

You’ll find the UK Trade stand in pride of place at the SXSW Trade Show once we get to Austin. Until then, you can keep up to date with the news on Chinwag’s Digitial Mission site.

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