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Free SlideRocket for Presenters

If you are a presenter at Interactive you might want to check this out.

Like they did last year, Sliderocket is offering a free pro account to presenters, that will remain active until January 2013. (This is well after when the world is supposedly going to end.) Looking at the webpage, the pricing for this kind of account comes out to approximately $288.

As someone who is passionately opposed to death by powerpoint, the idea of something that is more web friendly, easily updatable,  and has nothing to do with what OS your computer is running?  Fascinating. I wonder if it keeps more people awake?

One Response to “Free SlideRocket for Presenters”

  1. Sogol says:

    SXSW PRESENTERS! Get your FREE SlideRocket account through 2012 here: http://info.sliderocket.com/SXSW-Presenter-Free.html