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Check out David Greenwald’s “Surviving SXSW Music” advice

Some great advice over on Rawktumblr for those of you heading to SXSW Music. Gathered over two years of experience in Austin, he’s worked out how he can survive SXSW, and reckons that the same tips will help you survive as well.

This is based on my experiences at SXSW Music from the last two years. It may help you. It is by no means authoritative. Mostly, I’d advise skipping the fucking Strokes, the Fader Fort lines and the soul-crushing #VIPfest vibes and actually trying to catch some unknown new bands in weird bars on the edge of town

While there’s nothing wrong with heading to the big bands at Southby, I’m with David – head for the new music scene, stay flexible in the scheduling, and if your favourite big band is  doing a super late night slot (around 1am) you’ll likely have a better than evens chance of getting in to Stubbs that late at night… because their 10pm headlining slot means queuing from 5pm, and missing nine other new bands around Sixth Street.

Read the rest of David’s advice at Rawktumblr.

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