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Looking forward from Eco to March

Now that Eric has packed away The Baby! blogging machine at Eco (and a big thank you to Eric for letting us into his Eco experience) it’s time to cast our eye toward March 2012 and the traditional SXSW of Music, Film and Interactive. Just to keep everyone on the same page and confirm some dates for your Google Calendar.

A lot of people are going to be pretty nervous as October 24th comes around – we’ll have the first tranche of Interactive presentations announced then, and there are going to be a lot of people cracking open PowerPoint to get to work on their sessions (and everyone else will be on tenterhooks waiting for the second and third tranches.

While the main deadline for submitting to SXSW Film for presentation, the Late Submission Deadline is November 1st. Details of the increased fees are on the submission page for Film.

On the music side of things, you’ve just missed the Friday deadline for early submission to showcase at SXSW, so you’re going to have to pay an extra $10 as the fee goes up to $40. There’s a final-final deadline on November 4th to submit your music (only via SonicBids, details here). The first Music panels are announced, along with the first Interactive panels, on October 24th.

And for everyone else? If you’ve still to buy your ticket, the next price jump is on November 11th, which leaves some time to sort out your budget ahead of the big date? We’ll see you in Austin on Friday March 9th for a beer, and back here on The Baby! as we get ready!

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