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What’s happened to The Baby Boards?

One of the big debates here at SXSW Baby! as the site update was planned was the question of “The Baby! Boards”, our forum which has seen a huge amount of discussion over the years. It has tailed off in the last few years and during SXSW 2011 I was keeping a close eye on the traffic that was coming through the forum, both the ‘quality’ traffic and the volume of spam messages that were being posted. And there’s just way too much noise for not a lot of signal.

So as SXSW Baby! continues into its second decade of covering one of the greatest events on Earth, we’re going to retire the forum software and look at some more options to bring you all into the debates alongside the comment system on the blog. Feel free to tell us what you think we should be using!

One Response to “What’s happened to The Baby Boards?”

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