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Just How Important Is SXSW To Austin?

The simple answer is “about two-thirds of a Superbowl”, according to the annual Business Impact Survey commissioned by SXSW and put together by Greyhill Advisors. Chad Swiatecki writing for the Austin Business Journal looks at the report and pulls out the numbers:

The economic impact directly attributed to official SXSW events was $211 million, with the remainder in economic impact being generated by the tourism and cultural activities at the fringe. In terms of media exposure for Austin, the festival generated $90.6 million worth of media coverage. More than 60,000 hotel room nights were booked during the festival.

Growth in terms of income was up 0.7%, but the actual growth of three three main strands was higher, with Interactive up 3.1%, Film up 8%, and music up 8.2%, in terms of attendance. SO Austin has more people coming, but the gains are a bout more marginal.

Still worth it, Austinites?

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Will SXSW See A New Way To Get Around Austin?

It might not strictly be SXSW, but with the news that Google is planning to send its self-driving cars out on the streets of Austin, there’s every chance that the Mountain View based company will use the March Madness to promote it;s automotive ambitions.

Choosing Austin is a pretty smart move – there’s a tech stronghold in the city that the local council would love to compare to Silicon Valley, and with Google Fibre already under the streets of the State Capital Google has a lot invested in the city., So why not roll out the cars as well? Steve Dent reports for Engadget:

Plenty of folks in Austin, Texas have spotted Google’s distinctive self-driving Lexus cars recently, and now we know why. The company revealed that it’s now rolling the vehicles in downtown Austin in order to “(test) our software in different driving environments, traffic patterns and road conditions.” While Google could also test its self-driving cars in Nevada and elsewhere, Austin is the first city outside of Mountain View where it’s actually done so. The reason? “We’ve loved how much Austin embraces innovation,” a Google spokesperson told the Austin American-Statesmen. She added that with Google Fiber and several company offices in the city, it was a natural fit for self-driving cars.

I still think I’ll go with the B-Cycles come March. What about you?

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SXSW Hits The Road In The UK

For many in the UK, SXSW is an annual fixture in their diaries. For others questions around the topic of ‘Why SXSW?’ abound (generally until the decision to made to go for the first time). But where can you ask questions about the Austin spectacle? The answer is at the upcoming SXSW Roadshow in the UK, organised by SXSW and UKTI:

The briefings will include short presentations about SXSW and MIDEM before moving into an interactive panel discussion to answer your questions and discuss opportunities. There will be plenty of time for networking to give music, film and digital creatives a chance to meet with me [Una Johnston] (SXSW), Javier Lopez (Midem UK & Ireland Sales Manager) and Phil Patterson (UKTI).

* Why is SXSW de rigueur for the digerati, music-minded and movie biz alike?
* What’s new for SXSW 2016
* How to plan for a rewarding SXSW
* Timeline Reminders

The roadshow tours the UK during the September, visiting Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, and London. You can find more details, and RSVP for the free events. I’ll be at the Glasgow event on September 1st, maybe I’ll see you there?

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Pardon my excitement at not having to endure the shuttle ride to the far side of the seemingly insurmountable Lady Bird Lake to get to the Gaming Expo.

SXSW has announced that SXSW Gaming has shifting its dates and location! Previously set in the Palmer Events Center on the South side of Lady Bird Lake, it was the opposite of SXSW Interactive both in Place and time. I was always torn between attending Interactive and Gaming sessions and events. BUT NO MORE!

SXSW Gaming will now take place in the Austin Convention Center March 17-19, after SXSW Interactive!  No longer will you be forced to choose sides! it is a TOTAL win-win for everyone attending SXSW 2016!

Here is SXSW’s announcement:

For 2016, Gaming sessions and events will take place in the heart of SXSW activities at the Austin Convention Center. In terms of timeframe, these Gaming sessions also move to later duringSXSWeek® (March 17-19), thereby strongly emphasizing the strong crossover between the gaming, film and music communities. This programming occurs at the same time as the SXSW Gaming Expo, which also moves to the Austin Convention Center.

Thursday, March 17 through Saturday, March 19, 2016.

Austin Convention Center (500 E Cesar Chavez St) in downtown Austin, TX.

Free and Open to the Public

God bless us all. Every One!

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And you can register for SXSW 2016… Now!

It’s time for the diehards to buy their badges for March next year, because  SXSW 2016 is now open for badge business and you can register for the 2016 Conferences. Given the smaller conferences springing up around the core three, the registration page has a handy chart as to what you can go to with each badge. That’s definitely worth a look of you are only taking in one or two of the main events.

Prices, as always, are on a sliding scale, with benefits to buying your badge as early as possible. Walk-up rates are available right up until the end of the Conference, but be honest, if you know you are definitely coming, then now is the time to buy a (non-refundable) badge.

thru Sept 21 thru Oct 3 thru Nov 20 thru Jan 15 thru Feb 12 Walk up
$1345 $1425 $1495 $1575 $1645 $1745
$1025 $1125 $1225 $1295 $1395 $1495
Music $650 $695 $725 $750 $795 $895
Film $525 $550 $575 $625 $650 $695
Interactive $825 $925 $1025 $1095 $1195 $1295

Oh and if you were looking for the best hotel rooms, the chances are that the main hotels next to the Austin Convention Center are, as usual, going to sell out incredibly quickly, so if you;re sure, and you know you are, then now is the time.


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Things To Do Today at SXSW: Monday March 23rd

•  Really, Go home!

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Things To Do Today at SXSW: Sunday March 22nd

•  Barbecue and Softball Tournament
12:30PM – 5:00PM Krieg Fields

•  Go Home


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