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What Not To Do In Austin

Congratulations to the team over at The Thrillist, who have managed to put together a useful list of dos and don’ts for anyone visiting Austin. To be fair, once SXSW gets under way the majority of locals are a bit more forthcoming (mostly because they don’t want to annoy anyone spending $1200 a night via AirBNB for their loft apartment). Still, you can’t go far wrong with their 20 things not to do in Austin.

“Hey, wanna go see a movie at Alamo Drafthouse today?”
Everyone else had this idea. Before you. When they bought all the tickets. Enjoy that front row!

All their contrary advice is over here.

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Music Wristband Sales for 2015

The SXSW Music team have announced wristband info for 2015. The first batch of the bands that give local residents access to the music showcases go on sale on January 22nd at 10am Central time for $169 per wristband, with a maximum of two wristbands able to be purchased by any individual.

Do read the terms and conditions carefully, you need to have a credit card registered in a limited number of postcode areas, and the name on the credit card must match one of the names associated with a wristband.

The wristbands are not a substitute for a SXSW Music badge. They are intended for Austin locals so they can experience the music of the festival at a reduced cost compared to the visitors to the city, or those attending the Conference sessions. IN essence the lower price and restricted availability means the wristbands could be seen as a ‘thank you for letting us cause all this havoc in Austin’.

If you’re ready to buy, head over to wristbands.sxsw.com.

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Why RSVPs at SXSW aren’t worth your Twitter handle

If you’ve ever wondered why an RSVP at SXSW is never a guarantee of entry, why you still have to queue, meet RSVPster. For forty dollars, you can have the site’s organisers sign up to every event at SXSW Interactive and SXSW Music and send you the details. It doesn’t matter if you only want to go to a few, your name will go down on every list out there.

While it provides great flexibility for you as a punter on the streets of Austin, speaking as a former SXSW Event Organiser it wreaks havoc on any planning. Services like RSVPster (it is not alone in offering this style of service) flood every invite list and tool out there. SXSW Baby! once had 785 people signed up to come to our meet and greet breakfasts in Austin – we got the normal numbers turning up (around thirty to forty, for an 8am event) but our invite list gave us an indication that it would be twenty times that number.

If you’re coming to SXSW and are looking for a list of parties, then there is some value here – just be aware that just because your name is on the list, downs;t mean you’ll get in everywhere.

After all, with services like this, everyone’s name is on everyone’s list.

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Start planning your daytime adventures in Austin with the scheduler

One of the advantages of living with a digital SXSW are the online tools. SXSW’s own Schedule system allows you to navigate all the sessions, marking your favourite,s and building up your own itinerary. This can be viewed online, and presumably through this year’s mobile app when it arrives.

It’s not that long before we all move to Sixth Street, so grab a coffee and dip into the SXSW Scheduler to mark your favourites.

We here at SXSW Baby! would always suggest that you have alternatives marked out at each time slot. Planning is good, but listening to serendipity not he streets of Texas’ capital is always the way to guarantee an excellent adventure. It’s worth noting that the music showcases are not yet listed in the system, nor are the film screenings, but they’ll show up during February.

Or you could rely on a big marker pan, just like we did in the old days…

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Attack of the Late Night Talk Show: The Return

It’s been announced that Jimmy Kimmel Live (it’s not live) is returning to Austin to do five shows during SXSW week, again from the Long Center.

This was a hot ticket last year, I did attend and was underwhelmed. The day could have been better spent checking out bands at day parties or catching a film.

Now we can just wait for the proverbial other shoe to drop when the other Later-Nighters plan their own broadcasts from Austin.

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Here Come The Bands (take 3)

The SXSW team have announced the third wave of performers who have showcases at this year’s SXSW Music festival. You can read the full list online at SXSW, but there are a few names I would want to pick up.

Blitzkids (YouTube) are from Nantwich in the UK, and are a good pop/punk band with a nice crunchy sound; New Albany’s Houndmouth (YouTube) return to Austin with a delightful folksy root sound; and Toffee (YouTube) from Taipei, Taiwan, who have a great modern twist on the classic sounds of the Far East.

There’s rather a lot of music to get through, so don’t forget our friends of the parish over at ‘Operation Every Band‘ are going to listen and rank all the showcases to help you through the festival of music.

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SXSW + iTunes Festival: A Look Back

During SXSW 2014 we were treated to the addition of the iTunes Festival which took place at the Moody Theater (which is the current home of Austin City Limits).

The Festival within a Festival brought some big names into town, including Coldplay, Band of Skulls, Capital Cities. Keith Urban, and  Willie Nelson to name a few. I was lucky enough to attend the show with Soundgarden.

It was one of the best concert experiences I have ever had. Line management was exceptional as was security. The lottery for wristbands was nothing if not fair as there was a standby line for anyone willing to wait if wristbanded folks didn’t show.

I was impressed with the venue. They mean it when they say there isn’t a bad seat in the house. The furthest seat was about 75 feet direct line to the stage.

What I loved most about the show was “discovering” Capital Cities. Great sound and a great performance. Discovering new music is what SXSW Music is all about for me, and the iTunes Festival did not disappoint.

I only wish it would return this year, I think it is a welcome improvement to SXSW Music for badgeholders and the general public alike.

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